Podcast Review: The Optimistic Reckoning of Closer Than They Appear

Having frank conversations about the state of our country has never been more important. But it can be difficult to reckon one’s place in a community full of otherwise good people who have aligned themselves with a hateful ideology. In the podcast Closer Than They Appear, host Carvell Wallace confronts this dilemma by showcasing the voices of those who stand to lose the most in this country: immigrants and/or people of color. Through a compact 7-episode season, the show gauges our nation’s progress from the viewpoint of people yearning to connect with others who seem distant. Intimate interviews that start with convivial small talk quickly become discussions of deep-rooted insecurities. In the process, the show suggests we’re more tightly sewn together in the fabric of American life than might be evident from an excerpt of a random news story or social media post.

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Jordan Bailey