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How do you go forward when the past is breathing down your neck? 

Host Carvell Wallace talks to Americans grappling with the state of the union while trying to reconcile his own family's fractured history. If America is an estranged family, this show is our awkward holiday dinner. 

Our host - Carvell Wallace

Photo credit: Tai Power Seeff

Carvell Wallace is a father, writer, podcast host, and occasional performer. He's covered sports, race, music and more for the likes of GQ, ESPN, The New Yorker, and The Guardian. The Columbia Journalism Review says that Carvell “dips in and out of popular culture and sports journalism with seemingly effortless fluency” and “writes about familiar topics and makes them feel new.” Currently Carvell is based in Oakland, California, where he lives and parents his two kids.

His first full-length book, The Sixth Man, co-written with Golden State Warriors forward Andre Iguodala, is due in 2018 from Blue Rider Press.You can find his work at carvellwallace.com or follow him on Twitter @carvellwallace. 

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